Transfer Money to France

Transfer Money to France

If you’re looking to send a sum of money to France, we can help. Eris FX specialises in the transfer of large sums of money overseas and France has long been one of our customers’ favourite destinations.

Whether you’ve retired on the French Riviera, need to make regular mortgage payments on your chateau or simply wish to send money to a family member, Eris FX offers a quick, reliable and secure service for you to transfer money to France.

Buying Property in France

France is still one of the top destinations for Brits to buy property. You can generally get a lot more for your money than in many other countries, the weather is tempting, and French food and drink is feted all over the world.

But whether it’s a holiday home or a permanent move, there are a lot of considerations before you can be sitting in your own sunny French garden sipping the local wine.

One of these is finances. Many people are unsure how the money side of things will work once they’ve found their property, so here’s a quick guide to managing the transaction and how using a specialist payments provider like Eris FX can save you time, money and hassle.

What happens once I’ve found my property in France?

Once your offer is accepted, you’ll need to sign a contract which is called a compromis de vente


Will I have to pay anything at this stage?

Yes. Most of these contracts require you to pay a 10% deposit straightaway in Euros to secure the sale. The completion date is usually set at about three months later, at which time you’ll need to pay the rest of the purchase price and a range of fees, including stamp duty, and the notaire’s fees.

Will I have to use my UK bank to transfer the currency?

No. Using your bank is unlikely to be the most cost-effective way to pay for your French property. Banks often charge a significant percentage of the amount you are transferring as costs, which can make the purchase price thousands of pounds more expensive.


Using a specialist payments provider such as Eris FX can cut those costs dramatically because we take a smaller margin on the exchange rate.

Do I need a French bank account to do this?

No. Eris FX can pay the notaire directly on your behalf, even whilst you’re still in France.  Just sign up with us using our simple registration form.


We’ll check your details and activate your account, usually within a few hours. When you are ready to make the transfer, just sign in and tell us the details of the notaire’s bank account. Then, choose your currency rate, ask your bank in England to send us the Pounds Sterling, and we’ll do the rest.

We’ve helped thousands of people send money abroad to buy their dream properties in France – check out our happy customers on our Trustpilot reviews.