International Business Payments You Can Trust

We’ve been providing business money transfers for our corporate customers since 2006 and pride ourselves on transparency, ease of use and fast, secure payments.

Eris FX corporate currency exchange platform provides you with the exact, real-time exchange rate on your international business payments. The website currency converter lets you see our rates and charges upfront and before requesting any contact or sign-up details. You can be sure of a guaranteed rate with no hidden additional costs before you make any commitment.

Our rates are set according to the size of each deal, not the size of your business or your annual FX volumes. That means we don’t tempt you in with attractive teaser rates and then change them later; our prices are consistent and visible.

So, whether you’re looking to make a one off or a recurring international business payment, Eris FX have the solution. Sign up for an account with us today.



Use our online currency converter to check the rate, and then login to our simple online platform to complete your exchange whenever it suits you. Beneficiary accounts can be input in advance for simple re-use, and we can pay your suppliers direct.

Electronic audit trail

Our transaction history function lets you save, sort and export all your transactions into a CSV file for upload to your accounting system. Email confirmation of the deal includes the prevailing real-time, mid-market rate.

No teaser rates

With Eris FX, what you see is what you get. We don’t offer discounted rates and then secretly hike them up after a couple of deals. Our rates are the same for every client so you’re not subsidising large corporates or frequent traders for your international business payments.

How it works

Sign up

Complete our short online form and we’ll contact you if we need more information, for example, to carry out anti-money laundering checks on ultimate beneficial owners.  These should take no longer than 24 hours and are all done electronically. After that, we’ll send you your login details.

Buy your currency

Pre-input the details of any beneficiary accounts just once and then use them as many times as you like to complete transactions. Our live streaming rates reflect once-a-second market changes, and we peg our transparent margin to the underlying mid-market rate so you can check what you’re being charged before you deal.

Pay us

We work on standard spot contracts for business money transfers which means you pay us by bank transfer the day after you trade and we pay the currency out for same day payment the following morning. We’ll automatically notify you as soon as the payment is made.

We offer corporate currency exchange in the following currencies:

GBP – UK Pounds Sterling
EUR – Euro
USD – United States Dollar
AUD – Australian Dollar
CAD – Canadian Dollar
CHF – Swiss Franc
DKK – Danish Krone
JPY – Japanese Yen
NOK – Norwegian Krone
NZD – New Zealand Dollar
SEK – Swedish Krona

We also specialise in personal money transfers if you are looking to send a large amount of money abroad.