Looking to send money abroad? Look no further

We make it quick and easy for you to send money abroad.

As specialists in international bank transfers and payments we can help you send money abroad to pay for your new property, adding funds to your bank account, paying for a car or any other purchase.  We can even help if you decide to sell your property abroad and want to bring your funds back to the UK.

All you have to do is simply sign up, buy your currency and we transfer the funds.

Here at Eris FX, we’ve been championing transparency in the industry and providing international bank transfers for our customers for over 12 years. 



We always show you our prices live on our website and on our dealing platform. The prices include all our charges and fees, including transferring your currency to your nominated bank account, and are exactly what you will pay or receive. That way you know when you send money abroad with us, there are no nasty surprises.


Our unique software connects you to live exchange rates in the wholesale market. That means that every time the rate changes there, your rate will change to reflect that. Rates can change up to once a second, or 28,800 times in one working day. So you always know that you’re getting the most up-to-date price available for your international bank transfer. Get the exchange rate that suits you – not your bank!


Our simple online platform lets you login and send money abroad wherever you are in the world.. There’s no need for telephone calls, unless you’d prefer to do the deal on the phone. You’ll get an electronic contract note and you can arrange an electronic bank transfer to us. No paperwork or scanning required.

How it works

Sign up

Fill in our simple online form to register with us. It will only take a few minutes and there’s no need for any phone calls or to send any documents. We use robust digital checking systems to verify your identity and to perform our anti-money laundering checks. After that, which usually takes less than an hour, you’re good to go.

Buy your currency

We’ll email you with your username and password, and then you can login to our simple online platform and carry out your currency exchange whenever you like. We’re open 9-5 Monday to Friday. You’ll need the details of the bank account where you’d like your currency to go (yours or someone else’s).

Pay us

Once you’ve chosen your currency rate, we’ll confirm it in an electronic contract note.  Just use the details in that document to tell your bank where to send the money to pay for your currency. You can do this online, over the phone or in the branch. Then sit back and let us do the rest. We’ll pay your currency to your nominated beneficiary bank account.

How do I know my money is safe?

We partner with The Currency Cloud for payments. The Currency Cloud is a huge global payments specialist which handles billions of pounds of client monies every year. It’s regulated by the FCA and all client money is kept in segregated  accounts. We can track and trace your payments and we let you know as soon as your monies have been released.

Looking to make a corporate currency transfer? Learn more about our international business payments.


Once you’ve completed your currency transaction, you’ll need to pay us for it the following day. Your funds will clear with our bank overnight, and we’ll pay your currency out first thing the next morning for same day value. So, two working days in all.

Once you’ve completed the transaction, we’ll send you an electronic contract note.  That will have all our bank details on. Just use them to make a payment to us from your bank via online banking, or phone, or by visiting your branch. Most banks will ask you to visit in person for amounts larger than £10,000. It’s called a CHAPS payment and they may charge you a fee.

We always show our best rate on our platform and website currency converter. You can use this rate to compare our prices with other providers. However, make sure that when you do so you ask them what “margin” they’re charging. That’s the cost of service. You can see ours on our currency converter.

Can you pay my lawyer directly?

Yes, we can. Just input the details of the lawyer or notary’s bank account into the online system, and we’ll pay them directly.

Yes, you can. Many of our customers buy their property and then transfer their pensions overseas every month or quarter. It’s very easy to do. The advantage of doing it that way is they you get to choose the exchange rate that suits you.

Absolutely! Just sign up with us and login. Then input the details of your own UK bank account as the account you’d like us to pay. Then complete the transaction online or with us on the phone by selling your currency into GBP. Please note, if you want us to receive the currency directly from your lawyer or notary, we’ll need an email or letter from them confirming it’s your money.